A Tribute To Whitney Houston, Part 2

February 15, 2012

A month later (the beginning of August 1996) we traveled in the Republic of Tuva in Central Southern Siberia when we got REALLY stuck in a bog going over an isolated pass. We somehow had to turn around but with the support trailer in tow, it was extremely difficult. A short while later, three young “yakboys” (cowboys) showed up on horseback. They indicated that no other vehicle will come either direction until next Spring!! Swell. So much for getting a tow! It had started to snow and it was getting dark. After several hours of joint efforts hauling rocks and using two HiLift Jacks, we finally managed to turn the truck and trailer around. It was pitch black. All Gary could see in his rear view mirrors was Monika frantically waiving her flashlight in an effort to guide The Turtle IV around deep lurking holes.

This was only the beginning of the nightmare.......

We finally made it. What a relief! This was the worst stuck we’ve ever encountered. Later, we all sat in the cozy warm camper eating hot soup Monika had quickly concocted. We had lot’s of fun communicating with pictures and an English-Russian dictionary. Tuvans are famous for their throat singing. Gary put on some local music. The yakboys shook their heads in unison. Oh no, they didn’t want to hear THAT music, they wanted to hear American Music. We listened to non other than Whitney Houston! Great memories.

This Tuvan Cowboy, or as we called them "Yakboy" since they were herding yaks (high altitude cows), and his friends were a great help!

On our next expedition, The TransEurasian Odyssey, Whitney’s Star-Spangled Banner will certainly travel with us again, this time on an iPod. Whitney may be gone but her songs will live on forever!


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