Seitz Factory, Krautheim, Germany 6-13

July 16, 2013

On the road and looking for a good place for the night, the modern gas stations and truck stops in Germany are often ideal. They have clean restrooms but it will cost you a Euro to use them. If it’s a big truck stop, parking areas are large and easily accommodate small motorhomes like ours. […]

Seiffen, Germany 6-13

July 13, 2013

As we headed southwest, we saw a slight detour that would bring us to the town of Seiffen. The earliest record of the town is from 1324. It sits in the heart of the Erzgebirge, or the Ore Mountains, once rich with silver and tin deposits. Miners opened up the district 700 years ago, but […]

Weisseritztalbahn, Germany 6-13

July 11, 2013

Google Map The excitement of the weekly market had disappeared as fast as it had appeared. Getting a leisurely start in the morning, Monika said, “Let’s go to Freital-Heinsberg”. I said “Gesundheit”. No, she said, “It’s the town with the Weisseritztalbahn.” I said, “Are you catching a cold?” She explained that the Weisseritztalbahn in the […]

Dresden, Germany #3 6-13

July 8, 2013

 Google Map Spending our last day in Dresden, against Gary’s better judgment, we even attended a modern ballet in the beautiful Semperoper. It was, –huh,–interesting. Strolling back to our camp in the park it was still light enough to sit outside and enjoy the evening. Around 3 o’clock in the morning we were suddenly awoken […]

Dresden, Germany #2 6-13

July 6, 2013

Google Map Having seen the Volkswagen Transparent Factory, we found the perfect camping spot in a beautiful park nearby (€3 for 24 hours). The tram station was close but we walked into town and immediately were impressed by all the beautiful old buildings. Dating back to the 18th century when this was the capital of […]

Dresden, Germany #1 6-13

July 4, 2013

Google Map Getting an early start from Rosberg, we headed slightly out of our way to the 18th century Saxon capital of Dresden, famous throughout Europe as “The Florence of the North”. Our primary goal was to visit The Volkswagen Transparent Factory (Die Gläserne Manufaktur) where they make Volkswagen’s luxury sedan, the Phaeton. The factory’s […]

Rosbach-Windeck, Germany 6-13

July 2, 2013

Google Map Driving on the Autobahn in Belgium and Germany is a kick. It takes some getting used to following a long line of trucks going 55-mph in the slow lane while Porsches, Audis and Mercedes are flying by at 95-mph or faster. One must keep a careful eye on the rear view mirror before […]