Zeebrugge, Belgium 6-13

June 30, 2013

Google Map The wonderful town of Brugge had taken our mind off the fact that our home was still on a ship coming across the Atlantic, but there was plenty of time to worry about all the stuff that could go wrong. Had it survived being parked in the holding lot at Baltimore for 10 […]

Brugge, Belgium #4 5-13

June 27, 2013

Google Map We did find the “Red Light Zone” but these days it’s only know as the narrowest street in town. Andre’s B&B was full on Saturday so we spent the night at Charlie Rockets, a popular pub and hostel. We shared a room with six bunk beds and three British girls and one from […]

Brugge, Belgium #3 5-13

June 26, 2013

Google Map Strolling around town we notice a sign advertising a free harp concert. It was a fabulous performance by Luc Vanlaere playing several unique instruments. One of his original compositions was titled “Along Silk Road-Heading East”. Of course we had to by the CD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cDAA5XXfdQ and http://mp3hamster.net/muz/luc%20vanlaere#.Ucd1r-BpdcM Aside from chocolate and beer, Brugge was […]

Brugge, Belgium #2 5-13

June 25, 2013

Google Map It was Saturday morning in Brugge, and being market junkies, we couldn’t miss the huge open market in the Markt Square. Aside from a large selection of fresh produce and flowers, there was an interesting assortment of live animals, specialized tools and clothing. Since we were not really traveling in the normal mode, […]

Brugge, Belgium #1 5-13

June 23, 2013

Of course we could’ve stayed in Holland for another month and never seen it all, but we knew our truck was arriving in a few days and we wanted to be a little closer to the port in Belgium. That gave us the perfect excuse to visit the beautiful town of Brugge. In 1277, the […]