K&N Washable Air Filters

December 29, 2011

Since back in the early 80s when we met one of the founders of K&N Air Filters, Ken Johnson, we have used K&N High-Flow Washable Air Filters in all of our expedition vehicles. From the silt bed traps of Baja California to the Atacama Desert in Chile and across the frozen Steppes of Siberia, K&N Air Filters have protected our engines through some of the harshest conditions in the world. Their ability to be cleaned and re-used gives them a life of hundreds of thousands of miles and saves us a huge amount of critical storage space that would ordinarily be needed for extra filters. As we prepare for the Trans-Eurasian Odyssey we will not even carry a spare. K&N recently posted an interesting article on their website. Type “Turtle Expedition” in the Search Box to find current and previous articles. http://www.knfilters.com/news/knews.aspx


K&N Air Filter

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