Overland Expo 2012 Part 3

June 22, 2012

There were literally hundreds of expedition campers at this year’s Overland Expo. Which one would you choose to travel or work in? All of these examples have the basic comforts. A bed, a place to cook healthy food, a place to go to the bathroom and a place to get clean.

EarthCruiser on a Fuso from Australia.

Land Rover 111 out of Las Vegas

XP Camper from Grass Valley, CA

Pinzgauer with an AutoHome roof top tent

Another GXV monster. Where can they go?

This Unimog 500 built custom by GXV is very tall

GXV on a big International

The favorite of many at the Overland Expo was our own Turtle V. Big on the inside but small on the outside.

An M109 shop van mounted on a M35A2 6X6. That’s a truck!






This Unimog showed us what wheel articulation is all about.

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