The Turtle V’s new Buckstop Bumper

September 5, 2011

Introducing the all new Buckstop Bumper ( for The Turtle V. Fresh out of the paint booth, you can see some of its interesting features; left and right locking weather-tight storage compartments, dual 2” receivers, vertical bars to protect the headlights, custom mounts for PIAA ( HID driving and 510 Series Xtreme White SMR Fog Lights, Warn ( 16.5ti Winch loaded with 100 feet of Viking ( 7/8” Synthetic Line hidden beneath a locking cover plate, all built into and around a Buckstop Outback foundation that will keep cows, burros, kangaroos and “Bucks” out of the radiator. Protection against rhinos and moose are subject to further testing. This will be the face of The Turtle V as we embark on The Trans-Eurasian Odyssey, driving from Lisbon, Portugal to Shanghai, China through 26 countries and following the legendary Silk Route.


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