Air Conditioning Fix

November 6, 2012

Back in the days of our 1967 109 Land Rover, (, we had two vents under the windshield. We called that AC. Funny how we’ve become addicted to the luxuries of air conditioning, power steering, power brakes and cruise control over the years. Our AC had been malfunctioning off and on for months and recharging it did not help. After testing and retesting, Browns Valley Auto, Truck & RV Center determined that it was a dead or dying compressor. In the end, it required a new compressor, accumulator, orifice and condenser. Summer temperatures in the deserts of Kazakhstan can reach over 100°F (37°C). AC will certainly be an appreciated luxury.

The compressor was obviously dying so a new one was the only choice. It’s important to prime them with oil before installation.

To obtain the NAPA 24,000-mile/2-year warranty, the accumulator and orifice had to be replaced.

A close look at the orifice showed it was full of metal flakes from the compressor.

Thanks to Fords new common-rail design, the condenser could not be flushed out. It had to be replaced.

A final inspection with a leak tester gave us a clean bill of health and air conditioning that should last for several years.


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