Bahía de Los Angeles the Hard Way

February 20, 2012

Our week long camp on the beautiful shore of Agua Verde Bay in Baja California was idyllic. Now heading north to re-visit other lonely beaches, our journey was abruptly interrupted by what could only be described as a catastrophic tire blow-out. Limping off to the side of the highway, we assessed the damage and quickly put the spare on, still a little in shock. We had never experienced such an explosion of a tire without any warning nor did we ever expect it to occur on a military grade Michelin XZL. We pondered the situation and continued, knowing full well that we had over 1,000 miles of back-road to travel with no spare and a cracked frame. We put our trust in the Gods of the Road, but this was not the end of our problems! It was definitely Bahía de Los Angeles the Hard Way.

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Clearly, this tire was way beyond any repair!

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