Spare Tire Mounting System

November 26, 2012

Many people have asked us how we get that 130 pound spare tire up on the back of the truck and how does it stay there. The answer is very manual and quite simple. Rather than use an electric winch that could fail after months of disuse, we use a simple 1-ton manually operated Maasdam Pow’r-Pull. A small receiver on the camper’s roof was made to fit a long draw bar, sort of a cherry picker. A bracket on the side of the camper is used as an anchor point for the Pow’r-Pull. With a cable around the spare tire, it is easily lifted off its hubcentric mount on the back of the truck and lowered to the ground.

Getting the spare tire back up is just as easy. It slips over its hubcentric mount and a corresponding cap fits over the back. A large T-handle screw clamps it securely to the frame around the mount. All components pack neatly in the center storage area on the rear of the camper.

A 1-ton manually operated Maasdam Pow’r-Pull has no problem lifting the 130-pound spare tire and wheel.

A small receiver tube is mounted on top of the camper at the rear and a corresponding drawbar or cherry picker slides into it.

Once the spare tire has been securely positioned on its corresponding hubcentric mount, a threaded T-bar compresses a corresponding hubcap on the back, clamping the wheel against the frame on the back of the truck.

With the spare tire firmly clamped by the screw-in T-bar against the hub and mounting frame, a cable and lock secure the tire.

The Maasdam Pow’r-Pull, sometimes called a cable puller, can be found in most hardware stores and they are ultimately more reliable than an electric winch.

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  1. Wondering where you got the hub centric mount, great setup!!

  2. Wondering where you got the hub centric mount, great setup!!

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