Footware on the Road

October 13, 2012

When The Turtle V stops, our primary means of transportation will be walking. During our 28-day John Muir Trail trek,, we discovered La Sportiva boots, and Superfeet Insoles. No more blisters and no re-occurrences of the painful Plantar Fasciitis that can quickly ruin any hike. Unlike even the best out-of-the-box insoles, the Superfeet can be taken out, washed and used for years, prolonging the life of footwear that may not be replaceable on the road.

Walking along the trails of the Cinque Terre in Italy or hiking the John Muir Trail, there’s no place for second-class boots and insoles.

Even Monika who is very blister prone loves her La Sportivas.

La Sportiva and Superfeet keep our feet comfortable and healthy on the road.

Blisters can ruin a hike. La Sportiva are like wearing slippers but with the support needed for carrying a heavy pack.

Hiking the JMT introduced us to the quality of La Sportiva boots and Superfeet Insoles.


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