The Silk Road

September 29, 2010

Welcome to the all new Turtle Expedition Website, and our new Blog. In the coming months, we will be giving you updates on our intensified preparation for our next adventure, The Trans-Eurasian Odyssey. We will be starting in California, shipping from the East Coast to Europe, and driving from Lisbon, Portugal to Shanghai, China, following the infamous Silk Road. Our Odyssey, as it will become, will take us through about 26 countries over a period of three years. As our motto has been for 37 years, following the Backroads of the World, “Don’t Take the Trip. Let the Trip Take You!”

Phase ONE in our final preparation will be to complete a new garage/shop/storage area to store our household goods. The slab has been poured, and our path is set. Stay tuned to The Silk Road and The Turtle Expedition Blog for regular updates, both personal and technical.

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