Gates Cooling System Up-Grades

November 30, 2011

With our departure this upcoming Spring for The Trans-Eurasian Odyssey, (driving from Lisbon, Portugal to Shanghai, China following the legendary Silk Road), we are starting final preparation on The Turtle V. All systems are being inspected at Ken Imler Diesel Performance in Sacramento,, and anything that might be a problem in the next 50,000 miles is being replaced and upgraded. Recently we installed a new Gates heavy duty water pump along with new Gates hoses, thermostat and belt tensioner, The new Gates Green Stripe FleetRunner Micro-V belt is expected to last at least 100,000 miles under severe conditions. Coolant was drained and refilled with Fleetguard ES Complete Ethylene Glycol,, the same we used in Siberia where temperatures were often below minus 70° F.

Gates Cooling System Up-grade 1

Gates Cooling System Up-grade 2

Gates Cooling System Up-grade 3

Gates Cooling System Up-grade 4

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