Hot Water Test

July 20, 2011

Yes, we have hot water again in The Turtle V. VERY hot water. The Espar D5 Hydronic, or the engine if it is running, pumps heated coolant through the heat-exchange plates of the FlatPlate double wall brazed plate heat exchanger. That means the engine coolant can be as hot as 210°F. The D5 Hydronic has an on/off range of 167°F to 187°F, but even when it reaches its maximum temperature, it continues to pump coolant through the FlatPlate.

The interesting thing is, with both the engine and the D5 off, if there is hot coolant left in the FlatPlate, it’s just sitting there, waiting to transfer heat to water passing through. That means that with everything off, we can still have a couple of gallons of hot/warm water.

At its maximum level of heat using the D5 Hydronic, (187°F), we will need to install a Watts thermostatic water temperature control valve. At a conservative 120°F you can still burn your hand. Fortunately, the temporary solution is not to use water turned to full HOT. We already have a Watts thermostatic water temperature control valve in the outdoor and indoor showers, and it works great.

FlatPlate 1

FlatPlate 2


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