Watts Thermostatic Water Temperature Mixing Valve – a perfect solution

October 8, 2011

After replacing our Seaward marine hot water heater with a FlatPlate (www.FlatPlate.com) double wall brazed plate heat exchanger that takes heated coolant from our Espar D5 Hydronic coolant heater (www.espar.com), we saw an unexpected problem. It works too well. Even after running the D5 Hydronic for 3 or 4 minutes, the water out of the kitchen tap could exceed 160°F to 180°F; scalding! The simple solution was to install a Watts Thermostatic Water Temperature Mixing Val (www.watts.com). After setting the desired temperature, the Watts valve adds cold water to keep the hot water at a constant temperature between 80° and 120° F. Using John Guest Speedfit (www.johnguest.com) connections made the install super easy.

WattsThermostatic Mixing Valve

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