Last Minute Maintenance Check #1

July 8, 2012

As we returned from the 2012 Overland Expo, there were several of our sponsors we visited to make final mechanical checks on The Turtle V before we head east to ship to Europe for the beginning of The Trans-Eurasian Odyssey. Our first stop was National Spring in El Cajon, Calif. ( They have been designing our springs for many years. Bill Rounds gave the system a once over and checked all the shackle bolts & bushings. New Rancho 9000XL shocks were installed and we were given a clean bill of health. (

A few days later we were at the Hellwig facilities in Visalia, Calif. ( where our rear air suspension bags were inspected and new bushing were installed in the heavy-duty Hellwig sway control bars. Hellwig’s new end-links with replaceable bushings were used.

Bill Rounds gave the system a once over and checked all the shackle bolts & bushings.

National Spring had recently rebuilt all our spring packs so we stopped for a final check-up.

New Rancho 9000XL shocks were installed all around.

Hellwig air bags are an important part of our rear suspension.

At Hellwig bolts were checked and bushings on our sway bars were replaced.

As a precaution, new bushing on our front and rear Hellwig BigWig sway bars were replaced.

It’s always easier to see any possible problems with the truck up in the air at the Hellwig shop.

Mark Hellwig gave us a proper send-off and wished us good luck during our visit at the factory.


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  1. It’s getting closer! Soon you will be closing the door on your land based home, climbing into your home on wheels and a new adventure begins. Hopefully your water “leak” situation has been repaired and will remain so. I’m really looking forward to your blogs throughout your journey.

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