Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays-Happy New Year 2018

December 26, 2017
Christmas 2017


May the Spirit of Christmas bring you Peace,
The Gladness of Christmas bring you Hope,
The Warmth of Christmas grant you Love.
Author Unknown


We are grateful for the Warm Relationships we share with all of you,

Our friends and Family around the World.

Let’s hold hands to promote Peace, Hope and Love!

May you celebrate a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

And enjoy a Wonderful, Healthy and Happy New Year!

Warm wishes,

Gary and Monika


Christmas 2017



4 Responses to “Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays-Happy New Year 2018”

  1. Hello Gary and Monika,

    Thank you for all the adventures you have shared. I met you at Gates Corp a number of years ago and it was a privilege to meet you both and tour your happy home on wheels.

    Thank you for spreading the positive. My hand reaches out to you to help spread Peace, Hope and Love always.

    Thanks again.
    Pam Abercrombie

  2. Hi
    We send you love & peace from Africa.
    Keep moving & keep safe.

    Kevin & Dani

  3. Hi Pamala:Thanks for your nice note. Happy New Year wherever it leads you. Monika

  4. Hi fellow overlanders. Thanks for your note! Someday, we’ll bump into each other again. Are you in Morocco, my birth country? All the best for 2018, Monika

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