The Call of Baja

January 22, 2013

The Turtle Expedition joins Granville King in Search for Baja Treasures

Granville King is an ornery Cuss. What makes him likeable is that he knows it: He’s proud of being an ornery cuss. Despite his mean streak, we’ve grown quite fond of the old desert rat. Monika and I have a lot in common with Granville. Neither he nor The Turtle Expedition have what you’d really call a “home”. That is, everything we own has wheels on it. The four (not to forget Superdog), of us have also developed somewhat of a neutral position for such things as flush toilets and microwave ovens. (Granny has never forgiven me for forsaking my old manual typewriter for a word processor.) We can spend hours sitting around Granville’s camp, sipping dark Bacardi whilst debating the pros and cons of rattle snakes, coyotes, magazine editors and other such vermin.

The expert is guiding the novice over a tight spot.

The expert is guiding the novice over a tight spot.


(Location: Adventures – Mexico – Baja California.)

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