Updating our Website – October 2019

September 27, 2019

Dear Turtle Expedition News Subscribers

It’s time to update our website once again to make it more accessible for mobile devices. Please bear with us. There could be a bunch of glitches to be ironed out and we might have to repost a couple of previous blogs because they ended up in draft mode. Remember, life is an adventure, even online!

We have been very busy wrapping up many projects around here on various different fronts from getting our house and property more fire safe to packing The Turtle V for our next big adventure in South America. That said, very soon we are taking off for Baja for a month or so to get the cobwebs out of the truck and take some PR pictures for the various companies we have been working with over the years.

Gary is hungry for fresh fish, oysters, mussels and clams. We borrowed a Pro Angler inflatable kayak from Sea Eagle to go fishing in the Sea of Cortez and hang out for a few days. Upon our return to Nevada City, CA, we will quickly repack for South America and hit the road.

Gary is working on a short series of tech blogs to answer questions people have had over the years.

Stay tuned.


Plenty of clearance makes rocky roads in the desert easy to navigate.

Plenty of clearance makes rocky roads in the Baja desert easy to navigate.

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  1. Really enjoy your blog. Always filled with great information and stories. Thanks for keeping us enthused!

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