The Turtle V gets a MPA Xtreme HD starter

October 14, 2011

Starting a 7.3 Power Stroke engine requires turning the engine at a speed high enough and long enough to raise the oil pressure to 450 psi to open the fuel injectors. Especially in cold weather, the factory starter really had to work. The MPA (Motorcar Parts of America) Xtreme HD starter ( is a direct bolt-in replacement. Each starter is fully bench tested using MPA’s T3 Testing system using computerized equipment simulating actual vehicle requirements. The X17802N starter has 4.0KW power compared to OE’s 2.5-3 OKW. Other features include offset gear reduction design for improved torque and durability, torque limiter to prevent ring gear/drive train damage during initial engagement, an inline solenoid and clutch for smooth engagement, sealed heavy duty ball bearings, oil-impregnated bushings, synthetic lubricants for improved easier cranking, and specially coated wiring to protect from heat. First impression was clearly audible: It spins the engine like a top.

Xtreme HD Starter

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