Visit to MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust

July 15, 2012

Heading north from San Diego, our next stop was the huge R&D facilities of MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust ( We have relied on MagnaFlow’s quality and expertise since The Turtle V was first built. We needed a custom exhaust that would give us the best performance, be high up out of harm’s way, exit to the back for a quieter ride, and be at a slight angle to keep water out and exhaust flowing down. After our massive tire blowout in Baja, there had been a slight rattle where the tailpipe was too close to the spring hanger. Up on the rack, the problem was quickly solved, and all hangers and joints were inspected.

A slight rattle on the spring was fixed by adjusting the angle of the rear tailpipe section.

A little snip-and-tuck on the last bend in the tailpipe was made on the MagnaFlow operating table, a painless in-and-out operation.

Having a rack that will lift a 15,000 lb truck makes exhaust work go quickly and cleanly.

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