Dynatrac Check-Up

August 7, 2012

Following our brief stop at MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust, we continued up the California coast to Huntington Beach for a visit to the Dynatrac headquarters and factory. Dynatrac has been an important sponsor since they introduced their Free-Spin Heavy-Duty Front Hub & Bearing Kit which replaced the problematic factory unit-bearing on all Ford 4X4 Super Duty trucks. In addition to checking all the tolerances on our spindles and the components of the Free-Spin Hub, all bearings and seals were replaced with quality Spicer and Timkin parts. Our Dynatrac Ball Joints and DynaLoc Pro 60 Manual  Locking Hubs were inspected for any possible problems.

The technicians at Dynatrac inspected our spindles for any minor flaws or unusual wear.

The Dynatrac Free-Spin heavy-duty front hub and bearing kits eliminated the problem of the problematic factory unit-bearing.

As a precaution all the seals and bearings on our hubs were replaced with quality Timken and Spicer products.

The inner-axle seals and bearings are often overlooked when front hubs are serviced.

Our Dynatrac ball joints can be rebuilt in the field without any special equipment.

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