Dynatrac’s Free-Spin™ Heavy Duty Hub solves the problem of Ford’s failure prone unit bearing

March 16, 2012

When The Turtle V first started to have front wheel bearings self-destruct, we just carried a spare unit with us all the time and changed them every 20,000 miles. Then Dynatrac Products (www.dynatrac.com), came to the rescue. The factory “unit bearings” were a problem for many Ford Super Duty owners. Dynatrac’s Free-Spin™ Heavy Duty Hub Conversion Kit is designed to replace the factory unit bearings with fixed spindles and serviceable bearings. Factory unitized bearing systems, also known as “unit bearings”, were designed to make vehicle assembly easier but are prone to failure due to a very narrow bearing design and plastic bearing cages. When a unit bearing fails, the vehicle is often immediately disabled and cannot be driven anywhere until the unit bearing has been completely replaced. You have about 100 yards to stop and pull to the side. By then, pretty much everything up to the tin backing plate: spindle, rotor, brake pads, caliper—everything is trashed.

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