Water Disaster

April 26, 2012
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Traveling the backroads of the world, or anywhere for that matter, clean, safe, pure water is critical. When we designed the Tortuga Expedition Camper, we incorporated a 40-gallon water tank that feeds an Everpure water purification system using the FDA approved Superchlorination method. (www.everpure.com) All would be well except the shop that installed the tank under all the cabinets did a sloppy job of attaching the fill spout. It is just one of many items we have had problems with because we relied on craftsmen, (I use the term loosely), who had no idea of the quality mandatory in an expedition camper.

The water leak contaminated the 1” plywood sub floor that sits on the main NidaCore/fiberglass floor. Since the cabinets were built around the tank, they all had to come out to remove the tank. Needless to say, it was a Cesarean Procedure.  While the tank is being repaired in Rancho Cordova, we replaced the damaged sub floor and cleaned up some of the electrical wiring that looked like a problem waiting to happen. We’re just glad we discovered the leak here in California instead of Tajikistan.

The fill connection to our water tank was "taking a leak" every time the water sloshed in that direction.

Removing the damaged floor board under the tank was a messy job.

Fortunately only the wood directly beneath the tank was damaged by water.


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