Larger Nicro Vent will cool the Refrigerator better

October 4, 2011

Any type of refrigerator produces heat as it cools, including the Norcold compressor unit in the Tortuga Expedition Camper. The faster that heat can be removed, the more efficient the cooling system is, and the less energy it will use. We upgraded the Nicro vent fan to a larger model with a three-way switch: solar, 12-volt, and OFF. Designed by Marinco for the harsh marine environment, the Nicro Vent Fan moves 1,000 cubic feet of air/hour or 24,000 cubic feet of air/day, effectively sucking out warm air from the refrigerator coils out, and keeping the camper cooler at the same time. Its design prevents any rain or wind from blowing back in.

Nicro Vent

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