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December 1, 2012

Today, we are starting a series of stories from Baja California & Chihuahua, Mexico and Western United States previously published in various magazines. Please keep checking the Adventures’ page.

The first one to be published is: Baja Testing The Turtle V

It includes an exciting trip up the spine of Baja to visit century-old ranches, a stop at the Lagoon de San Ignacio to see the calving and mating area of  Giant Grey Whales and an adventure by mule into the depths of the Sierra de San Francisco to camp and explore the amazing cave paintings, some over 10,000 years old. Along the way, we had a cracked frame, a massive blow-out, dined on fresh goat and goat cheese, abalone, fish, and roast pig. Searching all the while for bandits and drug smugglers, we found none. The Turtle V got a good workout and we were reminded of the spectacular surprises this peninsula has to offer if you follow its backroads.

The narrow two-track leading to the abandoned Guadalupe Mission left its share of mesquite branches and scratches on The Turtle V.

Monika is caught sneaking a taste of the still-warm panocha. At this stage of its all-day process, it looked like creamy peanut butter.


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