The Big Move #2

September 27, 2012

Moving from one house to another house is difficult, but you mark a big box “kitchen”, fill it, move it to the new house and unpack it in the kitchen. Moving a fully furnished home into a pile of boxes for what may be three to five years is interesting. Our “home” is now rented. We have a property manager and a part-time gardener and great neighbors who will keep an eye on the place. Our new renter is prefect and loves the house and gardens as we have. We have moved into our guesthouse. The Turtle V, parked in the garage, has a full kitchen so we are sort of camping out. Yes, we are moving.

Carpets, furniture, paintings and lots of treasures, everything had to go into the garage and storeroom.

Morning coffee in the disaster zone. Was this our living room, our bedroom, our patio, our garden, or all of the above?

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